How do you make a ventriloquist dummy? – Ventriloquist Methods

One of the most efficient ways is to create a cardboard “head”. I do this as well and usually add the headpiece to the head of the dummy. Then you would add the head so it fits snugly, or have the head open at one end. Then you could attach the headpiece to the dummy. You could attach the head and the dummy together by a zip tie. If they are going to be on the same side, one might want to cut a large slit in the side where the head will attach. A simple clip on the side is easy.

If they’re going to be on opposite sides, if you have some duct tape there, cut a small slit where one of the heads is. You can attach one side of the tape to the head itself and attach the head to the duct tape. If you are unsure of the placement of the duct tape, it’s better to cut the slit in the side where the head attachment point is and then tape up the duct tape on it and mark that.

How do you make a dummy for a puppeteer?

If you’re a puppet maker, you can just make a puppet head and give that to your puppeteer to work from. And there are ways to do it. We did this when my friend brought him the dummy from the park. He was pretty impressed with how easy it was and did the head first!

However, if you are an animator or special effects makeup artist, you need to know the way to do this. It seems obvious, but if you don’t know where to start you probably need to work the process a little more to get all your materials together. I will list the techniques that might be useful to you. I am not going to get into all the details as this might take a while but I will say a few tips here.

1. First you have to make the dummy head first. Then you cut about 5 to 6 feet of black electrical tape and attach them to the head. The head piece is a plastic, 3 or 4 inch thick piece and fits snugly. After you attach the tape, it needs a little sanding to the head. Then attach the duct tape.

2. Once you have the head, you have to attach the sides. They need to have a little sanding and a small amount of painting. You can also use electrical tape to attach the sides so you can adjust the width or even the size of them.


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