How do you move your mouth when talking? – Learn Books

If you have to move your mouth, what does that mean and why? Do you have different positions? What is the best way to do that?

You may have been talking to someone, trying to communicate something to them. Perhaps you were trying to talk to someone you don’t know better, or you were trying to talk to someone you just met. Perhaps you were trying to explain something to someone new to try to get them interested in something.

So we start by looking at the movement of the mouth. You can move your mouth to change mood, or to express excitement or sadness. You can shift your tongue between different positions to tell a story, to change your voice, or to talk to someone you’ve just met. In a lot of ways, we’ll be moving our mouths as much as we’re speaking. We’ll need to look at the way we move our mouth to understand that.
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What you can’t see when you have to talk

We’re going to have plenty to talk about — it’s just a matter of where we turn for help. As we start to get into these deeper skills, that’s when we’ll need to really look at things. This isn’t just a learning exercise, as we’ll eventually move through all the steps again, and even repeat the parts we didn’t go through before. You’re not really learning anything here unless we go through all of this before we can talk about it.

This one will be helpful when we’re talking to someone we’ve just met who is different than us. They may not know exactly what’s going on with us. They may not understand what we’re about to explain. And in that case, it’s best to do the best we can.

When discussing such matters, we need to start with the question, “What can I say about it?”. And what we can say is something like: We can talk about whether this person is right about that or not, or we can talk about whether this is appropriate as they want it to be for the person we are talking to. Or we can talk about their expectations of you as they wish to be met, or whether they want to be treated in another fashion, perhaps in a different way.

It’s a complicated question to answer. In part, that’s because when we have to talk about an issue, we are talking about the individual. There aren’t all this other people to think about. So it really helps if we see how we’re talking

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