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By B. W. F. Coates


A curious thing has just occurred to me at New Orleans. When I wrote the preceding chapter of On the Louisiana Frontier, I was under the necessity of setting down the geographical points where the Indian nation of the Western coast of North America is thought to have resided. I thought it might be interesting to have the inhabitants from all parts, as far as their lands reach, represented; consequently I drew maps on the basis of the principal ones, which I have reproduced in the following pages. In a part of this work the general character of the Indians will be somewhat enlarged; in so doing I will take my opportunity of showing the differences, not only geographical, but religious, political, moral, and social, between the different nations of this group. I believe it is of interest that these lines are so carefully drawn down on paper and spread forth across the face of the earth. The only difficulty is that they are so narrow that they cannot be displayed in front of a newspaper. This deficiency will be remedied by giving the lines to the attention of the general public.

The whole history of the native nations of the Western coast of North America is so fascinating that it excites imagination, and the more so, the more I learn of the history of our own. In the country on the Pacific coast where this race was first discovered, many of these savages are now extinct, but they have already left their mark upon the history of America. They are known by a multitude of names: the Cherokees and other tribes called the Redmen of North America; the Creeks and other tribes named the Blackfoot; the Choctaw and other tribes named the Apache of the West; the Senecas and other tribes of the Gulf of Mexico, the Blackfeet, the Sioux, the Kiowa, and other tribes of the Great Lakes and in Canada; the Cherokees of North Georgia and the Cherokee of South Carolina, while the Seminole may have some claim to their name. The Indians of Louisiana now live upon the continent of America, and the only permanent settlements they have made have been on small reservations, of a few acres in extent. This last state, where there are only four thousand and fifty-seven inhabitants there, and where only one thousand and four hundred live upon permanent reservations, is in an almost remote relation to the numerous tribes

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