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• What word is the simplest and oldest word in the world?

• What animal has the smallest brain?

• Which of four different types of ice cream flavor does the inventor of vanilla syrup love most?

And so on and so forth.

If you want insight into language, read this collection by Professor David Levy of Columbia University, entitled Language is a Record of the Experience of Language.

If you enjoy language, I invite you to download my free book (for Android and iOS) containing dozens of exercises, quizzes, essays and other resources to learn more about the process of language acquisition and to sharpen your own understanding. You can get it here.

And if you like teaching yourself languages, check out what I’ve done with my other favorites:

• The Book of Words in Grammar

• Teaching Yourself a Foreign Language Through Music

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• The Chinese Phrasebook

• The Russian Phrasebook

As you can see, this blog is a long time project, and I will not be working on the books again for quite some time yet.

However, if you have other thoughts or projects you’d like me to cover, let me know!

Best of luck!


A federal judge on Wednesday gave the Obama administration until July 18 to propose another “transgressions” regulation for the nation’s schools to ease the scrutiny of transgender students.

U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin issued a preliminary injunction against the Obama administration’s current transgender bathroom policies, which the Trump Administration has used as a cudgel to force school districts to comply with the Obama administration’s directive.

“The district court should enjoin the Department of Education from issuing a final rule implementing its transgender bathroom guidelines, which are an unconstitutional discrimination against a constitutionally protected class,” Scullin wrote.

“The department and its lawyers have already violated the court’s injunction, and they are doing so in a manner likely to be repeated in the future.”


Scullin said that a new version of the Department of Education’s guidelines has to address “the likely impact a final rule will have on student privacy, nondiscrimination, and Title IX obligations.”

The school district that challenged the bathroom guidelines has sued the Obama administration and Obama appointees who were instrumental in crafting the policy.

Scullin’s injunction prevents the

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