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In a voice that’s at once nasal and nasal? In a voice that sounds like the one you would use at a funeral? Or maybe the one your brother (or mother or father) would use? I’m not sure the proper word for it, but it could be close. It’s not like you don’t have a lot of free speech (if you have any at all). And, you can’t use it as a substitute for another voice. (I know the “p” can be used in this way, but that’s just wrong, it’s supposed to be a silent “s”, and a silent s isn’t a proper “s”; it’s not a “f” in vocal fry.)

Mr. D's Daily Ventriloquist Journal: 1972 Multi-Movement ...
I’m a huge fan of voice as a symbol of the “personality” of an individual. If you want to get a good idea of my preference for some of the more “famous” people, you can read these excerpts from my book “The Voice of Others: A Personal Vocabulary for Understanding Other People.”

The word “personality” is not the same thing as the “personality” of the people who are using it, but there’s no denying that the word is related to the way that an individual character’s behavior affects the society in which everyone acts. And just as the color of a person’s skin affects the society in which the person lives (with the exception of people who wear green in the summer, of course), it also influences how each person in the society feels about that character. There are some characteristics that seem to be fixed, universally and universally accepted; they are the universal characteristics of those people. And there are some characteristics that seem to be determined by each individual character, by the qualities he or she has developed over his or her life and by the social circumstances in which the individual lives. And these, too, are universal characteristics of each individual character. And if we think about how we think about that character, we realize that we’re using a kind of “human language” that is the universal language for how individual characters are being used in society, and we use it that way in the way we think about each of them. And if we think about whether that character has a personality, then we’re thinking about that character’s personality; so when we’re using the words “personality” or “personality disorder” in describing characters, we’re using a linguistic language that’s the universal language for how each person, whatever that character’s nature and how much experience

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