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A – PIE.

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“The Kit-ty! Why, why, what a little devily dame,” said Miss Fortune, as she put down the bottle and made some kind of curious motion between her eyebrows.

“Well, that’s a great answer,” said Miss Fortune. “Oh, no, do you think I am the only one that I have been fiddling with since the day I first took a stick? The Kit-ty’s very good, very good! I only wish I could get rid of it now.”

“Well, there ain’t much time,” said Harriet, “so come along, and if you want to show it you can.”

She and Miss Fortune disappeared from the drawing-room, and the kit-ty disappeared altogether.

“Well,” said Charlotte, “how did you like Miss Fortune?”

“How did she manage to escape? How did she manage to get out of that cellar?”

“Well, she ran out!” said Charlotte, turning round towards the window; “what’s that?” she whispered after another pause of silence.

“We never hear of her going into any other cellar,” said Harriet to herself.

“Don’t talk ill of her,” said Miss Fortune, looking at the little book which she was leaning on the table, “for she’s such a good girl, and I’m sure I’d tell you all if I were you. She won’t tell anybody what she thinks of the Doctor. Do you?”

“She did not hear of him when he left this room,” said Harriet, turning round into the parlour, “but we shall see. Come, I’ll show you how I’m in the room when you’re not in the car—when I am not in the church.”

So she went out and sat down by the fireplace, and Harriet looked at the clock, which read 3 P.M.

1. “We don’t see why I can’t go and read in our room tonight. It has taken up so much room, it has almost choked the bed.”

2. “We think not.”

3. “She will tell you.”

Charlotte drew her foot out from under the cushion; a moment’s consideration led her to say: “My dear—I haven’t the time. I am in a hurry to get out. If I didn’t have a coach and a

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