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,” he said.

But his voice is lower. His eyebrows are furrowed. He has, he says, an “intimidating manner” because he’s very nervous, which is a pretty scary word.

He didn’t seem like the kind of person who would do anything sinister like this.

I am told, however, that he has been arrested three times and had been on the lam at the time. He lives in a rural area and was known for selling marijuana on the street for years.

The day before he went on the trail, I went to check his address; it was a house on a country road, with a mailbox on the entrance. When you dial the phone number, you are placed at a computer that takes you to a computer in the house, where you get a map of the surrounding countryside.

And when you have finished that, you get a list of what areas you are allowed on the trail. The first part is a road, then a forest, then open pasture, where you get a picture with the map.

So I was surprised to see a big forest where he thought I could go. In fact, I couldn’t find anything else. There is some forest here and there, but I can’t imagine how he could have known it before he put me on the trail.

One moment he was on the bike trail, another moment he was standing in a yard with a gun in hand: In the next picture I captured with this phone, in the middle of the yard, he is on the footpath, with a pair of shoes beside him.

He could have just gone there. That’s what he told his girlfriend, who lives nearby, according to the report. But I didn’t see anything that looked right to me, so I went back to my car and called police.

This report said he was arrested by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and released on bail for the time being. He has been charged with criminal trespassing of a motor vehicle and resisting arrest.

“He has the right to be there, but he should respect the rules of the trail and not stand in a yard for long,” said Detective Dave Epperson of the Sheriff’s Department.

The report said that when officers searched his house they found a large stash of marijuana, a large amount of cash and a weapon (a shotgun), along with three handguns.

A few months after I spoke with that woman,

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