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How do you feel when you walk away from your partner and don’t call? How do you feel when you come back to your partner and are in a totally different state? All of these questions are incredibly important, if not impossible, to answer. What other psychological processes in your body are important? What physiological processes are important? These are all questions to answer with your brain. So there is a lot of information to go around—but there is only a limited place to collect it.

But to think that the answer to the question is “it’s not enough, you have to work with your brain” is to think about the problems that the problem solving in neuroscience comes with: it’s not sufficient for understanding the brain in action, and it’s not sufficient for understanding why different things work in the brain.

Why did you choose to study this?

Well, I wanted to do something about the brains of people who are having issues, so I was curious what the challenges were of understanding the process, and then trying to use the neuroscience to help understand these issues. And it’s clear there are many challenges, not least of which is the difficulty of studying people who have had their brains damaged.

Another issue is that it could be a useful tool for understanding some neuropsychiatric illnesses that are hard to study without getting into their brain, so it was clear to me that this could be helpful in that area.

Can you tell us about your initial plans of research?

I’ve always enjoyed science fiction, and I started working in this field because there were some interesting ideas about how to use different kinds of technology to study the brain. Some of the early problems we started with were finding how to measure the electrical activity of the brain using brain scanning and doing the right kind of things to study brain waves, but you could not measure the electrical activity of the brain in the way that we’re doing now. But what we’ve done is to look at patterns of electrical activity over a period of four to eight months as a way to study the brain, or a pattern of fluctuations in electrical activity that can be used in order to understand the state of the brain over that time period.

And with that, we created a series of computer programs and they did this kind of activity that can be used to test a wide variety of issues in neurology across many neuroscience disciplines, such as brain imaging, neurophysiology or neuroanatomy—and many other areas of biology.

So over

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