How do you talk with a puppet?

I never have, you know, but I have a lot of great lines with him, and he’s a great guy to be with and he loves this game. The best thing about the show is that you don’t necessarily see his face, but you get a very deep look into his character and his journey, and I think he’s really fun to have around.

How are you going to deal with Donald Trump? What else have you learned from him?

I’ve had a few laughs with him. And some of his comments have been so insensitive and he doesn’t really understand, but if I don’t talk about it, I’m gonna lose a lot of people. But I’m going to tell this story and I’m gonna tell it honestly. There are some things that are very funny and I’ve had the privilege of watching some people just do stupid and reckless things. But if we’re talking about something like that with Trump, that’s a different beast. It’s a different ball game.

Do you take some comfort knowing you have people who will help you out, who won’t say anything? Or do you worry that you’ll end up feeling rejected?

Oh, yeah. I mean, I think it’s great. When you talk to strangers, you get this sense that they care, but I also get people that will make me feel like the world has abandoned me. The people who are my friends, I feel like I can say, ‘Hey, man, there’s no way in hell you hate this guy.’ That I could walk into a room and people would come up, grab my hand, tell me how sorry they were, just genuinely be nice. I’d never experienced that before. For the first time, I feel like I’ve got people who love us and support us.

You’ve said that your character seems to understand that there’s an election coming in November and then, for example, you were saying something about Hillary Clinton and saying Trump’s win is scary and I was like ‘Oh, my God, I am so scared.’

Yes, that’s a big part of it. I’m really sorry that was such a dark moment. I think I just couldn’t say anything right then and there like I was really looking at it, so it’s not that. I guess it’s more of a human instinct, I guess. I think I am learning — as the show goes on, the more I see stuff like the Access Hollywood tape,