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How do you read? How do you tell that you love something? There are some things I find extremely hard, I don’t like to think about what they might be, I just look at what I’m able to do and that’s that I can do these things, that’s what matters.

You used to be a singer. You sang, and then became a playwright and then I was thinking of what you should do now. You have a bunch of projects lined up, which you have in the early stages of your music career. What was it like performing before audiences for the first time?

The first time we performed, it was in Chicago. We were in this small room just down the hall from the Lincoln Center. It was a real tight little room, but it was great to play again. That was what I loved about being in front of a big crowd. I’m so grateful I got that chance to come back. There weren’t any big venues around the country yet, there was so much happening in Chicago so I was able to stay in that room and play with more enthusiasm and energy. Being able to sing again, that gave me the feeling I could do it better, more consistently. When I got back and the lights went out, I felt so good. I knew that I was back in the world stage of life again, I would be able to play more or more of what I knew. When you’re in front of a very small audience at a small venue you have to find your voice, you have to be strong, you have to be true to yourself. All of the things I feel I was able to do when I was on stage I can now do now. It’s great to be here in front of this group of people and be able to interact with them and have them connect with and respect me for who I am.

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Did you feel more confident when you started singing again and people knew that you can sing? Or did you have to get used to people thinking how great a person you are?

I think it was really an emotional thing for everyone involved. It wasn’t one of these feelings before when you’re just doing the songs. It was such a rush to feel like something I was capable of doing, I think it was something you kind of got used to when you did all the songs. I didn’t realize until now that I still had that thing left around. That one little, subtle, musical thing, that one thing that people thought I

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