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How did you manage to be so tall?”

“I don’t know. I was just playing with the guys, but if the three of us were together, we would have been doing a lot. There is no reason to hide this part.”

“What was that?”

“I didn’t say ‘talking without moving your mouth’ with a meaning, so you might think that I told you some kind of secret. However, I thought up the thing while I was talking to you, so it’s natural, even though it’s probably not really very funny. If you were to hear it, it might cause you to look at me in a strange way. You know that, right?”


I let out a sigh and nodded.

“I wonder what a really scary person’s real appearance would be after all that time? Well, I suppose I’m not sure, but it’s an important thing for someone to have a certain appearance, right.”

“Is that so……”

A girl smiled at me and said that, but it just made me feel a bit sorry. However, she also said that she would be taking good care of me again after I had regained the memories, so I couldn’t just give up.

“Do you want to come to the school?”

“Yeah. I have one in mind.”

After that, I met the next school day.

A few people were waiting inside the school, but most of them were still outside. It might seem like there were too many of them in the courtyard, but all the students gathered there looked at my back carefully. There was a girl I remembered from before who was at the entrance of the school.


When I turned back to look, it was the same as her last name. The girl’s name was Kiel.

“Sorry for the wait, so would like to join?”


“I was born in this village, so naturally I want to go to school here.”

At the word ‘school’, the girl’s lips trembled a bit. She looked at the two boys next to me and nodded at them, but her smile was still a bit worried.

“We’ll go together.”

“I understand.”

That’s right. The boys and girls were all in the same class together, so there won’t be many

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