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How do you talk to others without talking?

How can you tell when someone is talking?

What do you eat for breakfast? Do you eat breakfast on the run?

Do women need a man who is the perfect type that can get to sleep quickly? Or does he need someone who has been through the day with you or something they have been through.

Can you get lost in a foreign language?

We all know how great it is to be able to get out of a rut and have an amazing conversation and you can be totally lost in a foreign language all day and I think what we need is someone who can make the foreign language just a bit easier to learn

How do you tell what someone is thinking without asking questions? How does it work? What are you looking for when you ask a question?

What are you doing on the couch? What is your favorite part of bedtime? How do you feel comfortable going to bed? What do you like getting into? What do you like getting dirty?

Can you tell right away whether someone is going to be able to make conversation as you know you won’t get them right away.

How do you know whether you can trust someone?

Why would someone trust you in a way that they wouldn’t trust someone else? Or what does it mean to say you’re safe because if a thief comes for you, how can you trust that he has enough money for a bus pass.

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What would be the difference between you and my best friend? What would be the difference between you and a neighbor in the town?

What is it like to wake up one morning and find an email in your inbox. Why does your brain say that the email came from a stranger? What do you do with it? How do you get the best out of it? (Hint: Read in silence until you get a good idea of it.) (Hint: Do you have that right?)

What is your dream job and how did you do it? Why don’t you ask?

What do you hate about people and what do you love about people? What would you change if you could make people love you or make them hate you.

What would you change about yourself? What are the worst things you could change about yourself? Why? Why, are you asking? Why are you here? You haven’t asked. Why can’t you ask?

What did I do wrong

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