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When you’re on the edge of being the worst player in the sport. If you know the game a little, and you’re looking to make a name, you have to throw it fast. You can’t make any progress if you’re throwing a ball slow.
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How well do you throw it?

As an arm guy, my throwing mechanics and the mechanics of the body are two big factors in determining how well I throw the ball, as well as all the other things such as the location of my hand.

What was your mindset during practice, or during a game?

Practice and games were the only time I could take the time I needed to get as close as I possibly could to being the best player in football. Sometimes it was difficult to focus, because when there were days of rest the pressure did get better, but I couldn’t relax.

What was your mentality during games?

The pressure that comes with being a superstar — whether it’s the Giants or the Colts or whatever — is really hard to handle. You have to be in complete control. I could see people that played with me were talking about how awesome I was. Some people might be thinking I made it even better playing with them. But it wasn’t to be; it wasn’t what I wanted. There were many times I could get myself to give up, but that got harder and harder.

How important is your family to you?

Everyone has an impact on me. It’s my mom, my dad, my brother and my niece, and to them it’s just about football every day. We have a great relationship. I couldn’t be the quarterback and my sister couldn’t be the quarterback. She’s my best friend off the field. I try to make sure everybody stays out of trouble.

Your teammates often mention how good you are at football. What does that mean?

They see me perform every play. My teammates see what I do on the practice field. They all can see how many plays I did — a couple, a couple and a couple more. At times I don’t even know I did them. They are seeing how good I really am. So, a lot of times on game day my teammates are like, “I saw you catch this ball and I’m in awe.” But they don’t even have to know who I caught it.

I have no issue being compared to others. But because I’ve played with so many good

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