How do you use puppets? – How To Learn To Do Ventriloquism

How would you use them in a production? Where can we go for information? What would you like to see in a puppet performance?

Sophia: I think the main challenge is that there’s no standard method of how you would use them, so a lot of it goes into personal preference, personal style, how it feels and looks, and also a sense of how it relates to story telling. To me puppets are very dynamic beings. The puppets have a certain feel, and they can look very real. For me, there’s more to a puppetry than that. I am a big visual person, so I want to take advantage of everything.

A few puppets I really love: Mowgli the monkey, Chucky the clown, and some really fun (to me) ones like Aladdin.
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Q. There’s been a lot of fan speculation about whether Disney has been developing a “The Dark Knight” sequel. What can you say about that? What does the movie have in common with the Batman movies?

Sophia: There’s a definite resemblance. It’s just that it’s very different. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a “dark Batman.”

Q. You’ve worked a lot with other writers, and a few of them have come from Pixar. Are there any current projects, either live-action or animated, that you’re particularly excited about writing?

Sophia: Oh, I’m loving that idea. They’re the two writers who came to me first — that’s true! I’m a big fan of what you do, and I’m grateful and proud of what you do. I really appreciate any time you can give me someone to write with on any project.

Q. What are you currently working on? You mentioned you wanted to work with a new writer! Are those two guys? Has anything else come about in that regard?

Sophia: I can’t tell too much about that… that’s part of the fun, is seeing what gets through to you as a writer.

Q. Are there any other projects at Disney that you’re really trying to find out what you’re doing?

Sophia: You know what I love in writing? I love the opportunity to let my imagination wander and play with a project until it’s as exciting as I want… and then go back and work on it, take more time, and keep trying to improve it over time.

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