How far can a ventriloquist throw their voice? – Ventriloquist Dummy

To determine this amount, you must first calculate the force you are required to exert, and the size of the ventriloquist’s voice box. Then you must then multiply by your desired pitch. For maximum reach, this means that you must be able to reach your desired pitch with a pitch frequency of 8Hz. You should be able to obtain this by measuring the pitch of the ventriloquist’s voice, and dividing it by 6.14. If the pitch of the ventriloquist’s voice is at least 1/6th of a Hz or above the max pitch, you are within the reach of this technique. If your pitch does not meet this threshold, the following chart illustrates how far away it would be.

The minimum range you should be able to reach by using this technique is 12-15dB. This gives a total range of about 24dB.

This is a basic ventriloquist technique which you should be able to learn on your own. With time, you will probably be able to learn finer techniques to further refine your ventriloquist’s voice.

There you have it. Some basic principles of ventriloquism. Now that you know how to speak in your ventricle voice, get yourself a ventricle voice box!

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