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A traditional ventriloquist dummy costs nothing per hour. They have been on the market since at least the early 1990s for about $75-100. However, a number of companies have come forward with “mini-dummies,” which can be found for almost no cost.

How much would it cost to have your very own ventriloquist/prankster.

Depending on what is going on with your business, it could cost up to $15,000 or more. However, if you take into account all of the costs associated with producing such a device, such as materials, shipping costs, and delivery time, the total likely to be much higher.

We can think of a few scenarios where this may lead to your expense reports. The best scenario of course is that you have some type of expense incurred as a result of your performance on a ventriloquist device. The worst scenario, of course, is that the ventriloquist device is a distraction to your business and the results are a net loss.

What are the benefits of being an “I Vented to you” ventriloquist dummy?

If you’re a ventriloquist, you should have some sort of incentive to perform well. One possibility, particularly if you’re in the entertainment industry, is being a motivational speaker. A motivational speaker can offer up ideas you’ve been struggling with or some sort of insight to a problem or insight to the way you work. The way to gain a motivational speaker’s attention is to ask for “I Vented to You” and you’ll probably get some interest from a number of people.

Here’s some of what I’m referring to. Consider something that your organization suffers from. What advice would you give somebody who needs to gain your attention?

I have a major problem at work. I am a huge proponent of the “I Vented to You” method. I’ve given talks about a handful of different topics. One that really stuck out to me was “the power of positive thinking”.

When I have a problem, I need to have all the facts in front of me to figure out how to solve it. This often leads to a long conversation with my colleagues, many of whom don’t have the proper information to solve my problem. I feel so frustrated by this problem that I often need to vent to everybody else…which makes me even angrier.

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What advice would you give a motivational speaker who’s

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