How much does a ventriloquist dummy cost? – How To Learn Ventriloquism Online

In the early days, when ventriloquists used wooden dummy and wooden body, the price would typically be about $150. But, the number of hollowed-out dummy is decreasing rapidly, so in the future, it will likely cost slightly less.

And where does the cost come from?

You can learn a lot about your production costs through the budget statement and production budget. In this post, I’ll try to summarize them for the simple case of the budget statement.


Every ventriloquist dummy that I make is custom made. To make sure the dummy performs with the same accuracy as possible, I often use a dummy that fits a person’s body. This makes the size of the dummy bigger, which means the performance of the dummy is very similar to the performance of the actual person. This helps to cut down on production costs.

If you wish to purchase a similar dummy, I’ll gladly offer it to you. It’s a good idea to purchase a dummy (at least 2) and let it sit at room temperature for a period of time, until the weather gets cold.

Wooden dummy

The wood used for the wood hollowed-out is another part of the overall cost. Wood is expensive. It takes about an hour to fully hollow out a pine. It takes about four days to hollow out a walnut.

The real cost is the amount of wood you buy. But, because I’ve made a very wide range, in different sizes, and with different costs, I don’t always pay a lot for wood. The cost ranges range from $4-11 per box.


In addition to the wood, you are also paying for the body that I use. The most often used body is the wood dummy. When hollow on one end, the body is much lighter than the wood. When hollow on the other end, the body weighs up to 20% more than the wood. Because of this, the wood cost more money per dummy.

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If you do a Google search for the cheapest wood hollowed-out and body, you will see that a lot of people are spending only 4 cents each on a dummy. This is the highest price that I’ve ever seen in a dummy that has ever weighed over a pound for a whole dummy.

You will find some other very cheap and/or easy to obtain dummy for a fraction of the cost. So, if you do not have the

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