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In the puppet world of ‘The Puppetmasters’, a puppet master is a person who owns a puppet that is controlled by an internal body, called a puppet. It is the internal body that directs the direction the puppet is ‘wearing’ at any given time. The two puppets are completely unaware of each other (and the external body) and do what they want as long as the puppet master says. They are generally not seen or heard by the puppet master.
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Is all the footage in this DVD the same as what is shown on the show? I’ve seen other DVDs featuring a similar puppet system, do you plan on making another DVD with different footage to coincide with the show?

Yes, the footage in this DVD is the same as used in the show. It is, however, a much longer film than in the show, and takes the form of an extended episode.

Why the name ‘The Puppet Masters’?

This show is very different from the old days when there were no puppet masters. ‘The Puppet Masters’ is a title that refers to the people who control the puppet masters on a day by day basis. They are referred to as ‘puppeteers’ because they are called puppeteers, and ‘masters’ because they are officially known as puppeteers. ‘The Puppet Masters’ is one of the few channels that can offer the full length film that runs for 4 hours. We hope that these interviews will help viewers to gain a better understanding of the puppet masters who are so important to our daily lives.

Where exactly is The Puppet Masters located?

Our studio is located in an area near New York City.

Is there a DVD, or will there be another DVD?

Yes, there is a DVD of full length footage from ‘The Puppet Masters’ on DVD which was released back in 2002.

Does this DVD cost $6.95?

Yes, the DVD of full length footage from ‘The Puppet Masters’ cost $6.95 (not $4.95).

Has your show ever run on television, and if so, to what extent?

No, this show has never been shown on a television network or commercial network. However, ‘The Puppet Masters’ has been available for download from internet, at a discounted rate (around $2.00 US) on a regular basis.

What about live performance? Do you offer any performances?

This show has been performed live

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