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The rich are so well endowed that they can afford the time and money to get a divorce. In the most recent instance, Jeff Dunham, the former high school math teacher from Maine, and his now-wife, Nancy, are each living in multimillion-dollar homes. In a divorce, as this case shows, financial wealth can be the key to marital bliss. This has been confirmed by multiple marriage counselors around the country, including one who has been married to Jeff Dunham since 1992. “I am not sure if he’s broke,” says the counselor who has married to Jeff Dunham for more than a decade. A lawyer specializing in divorce and custody disputes says he has spoken with more than 150 people who are married to a person who is worth millions. There are three types of wealthy divorced couples: those where one spouse is the breadwinner and the other one is a non-work spouse; those where a husband/wife is working but both spouse’s incomes are above $100,000; and those where the married couple have income in the $15-million- and $50-million-a-year range. In the $15-million-to-$50-million-mark group, people who earn that amount have an average marriage that lasts a remarkable 10 years or more. “That’s where the true marriage happens in America,” the lawyer says. “It’s not a perfect relationship, necessarily. But it can be much, much better. You can really tell with divorce rates. The average marriage lasts 12-14 years, and one third of the marriages in the $15-million group go out of business. That includes divorce. Divorce is what separates a couple from a family. But it also separates a couple from a relationship.” The bottom line: The divorce settlement may be the most valuable asset a couple can have. The lawyer agrees that a good marriage is made in divorce. “When you’re rich, you can afford the time to settle down with each other. And it’s not so complicated, as a single person,” he says. “It’s not like going with a couple. Going with two, four, six — no problem. When it comes to marriage, you have to work at it. It’s hard work, but you have to work — no matter where you’re at. It’s the most important job in the world that you can have, in a democracy — that you don’t want to give up. It takes a village to build a good marriage, whether it’s one that’s rich
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