What are the names of Jeff Dunham’s puppets? – How To Sing Ventriloquist

They are:

Jeff Dunham: Mascot

Jeff Dunham: Puppet on the TV

Jeff Dunham: Mascot’s head

Jeff Dunham: Mouthpiece

Jeff Dunham: Tickle-Tickle

Jeff Dunham: Hips

Jeff Dunham: Neck
Axtell Puppets

Jeff Dunham: Thigh

Jeff Dunham: Legs

Jeff Dunham: Shoulder-pads

Jeff Dunham: Head

Jeff Dunham: Body (in 3d!)

Somewhere in our world, in a land we can’t quite name, there is a kid with a set of legs and a funny mouth and a heart of gold who wants to become a puppeteer…

And so now it is time for you to play your part in the fun and make a puppet out of Jeff Dunham’s head and his own body and his own body on the TV.

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The official Twitter account of the Kana no Hana television anime series on Saturday tweeted a series of images related to the title’s promotional schedule.

The first “Kana no Hana Day” event is currently scheduled in March that will introduce the main cast.

Seven Seas announced in February that it will stream the series in Japan, while Funimation licensed and released the series in North America and Europe. A two-week theatrical event opened on March 5 that will premiere the title at 1:10 a.m. local time.

Seven Seas will release the series on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on April 17. The project is directed by Kazuko Takahashi and features the original character designs and animation by Daiki Yamashita .

The anime will premiere on Tokyo MX , TV Aichi , BS11 , tvk , and tvk2 channels.

The anime’s second promotional schedule includes:

March 26: Kana no Hana in the Anime Special Program

April 6: Matsuwa in the anime Special Program

April 15: Kana no Hana: Receive a special letter in the anime Special Program

June 3: Kana no Hana : A story where you’ll find out the story of Kana

June 24: Kana no Hana: The story of Hana’s life in The Anime Special Program

Kana no Hana’s first promotional poster

Tokyo Otaku Mode also created three versions of the K

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