What are the names of Jeff Dunham’s puppets?

Well I have no idea, but I am pretty sure they are some sort of weird, old men.

And on a more serious note, I do not like how the guy looks just by himself.

What is with that ridiculous, out of place tie?

Also, why does he have a fake beard in the first episode but just not in the second? And why does Jeff have so much makeup on his face?

Also, how does he know the names of his puppets?

Is “Puppet Master” a puppet name? Should the name be “Kiddie Puppet” and Jeff the puppets? Is Jeff the actor playing the part? What is with all of this fake beard?

Is “Randy” a real name or is it just a disguise?

Is “Randy” a real name? Why was it chosen since that name is apparently spelled “Trey?” And why did he use that “R” after “Randy” in the last episode of season one? Why does he think everyone is pretending that Jeff “Randy” is a real person?

Well, we are pretty sure that Randy is a real person, but why does he call himself “Randy” after the name of a fake person whom he killed right in front of his face? The real Randy says what is on his mind but he does it in a way that appears not to be him. Why was it important to him to name himself “Randy” when there was no need to call himself “Randy”? Could it have been a nod to The Dark Crystal? Is “Randy” in reality a real person or an idea in his head?

Jeff has become so familiar with his characters that he cannot even recognize it when he sees them in a different context. He almost got it right when he called his two friends “Randy and Matt” in “The Puppet Master.”

Is Matt a real name or is it a disguise? Did he use the word “Matt” in the pilot of this show? Is Matt the actor playing the part or, in fact, does Jeff have a voice for himself? Does Jeff’s puppet look like a big red bean on Matt’s head? Is Jeff’s friend Matt an actual character or is he just a big orange puppet with green spots?

And how does Jeffrey keep the two puppets talking to each other? They are in different universes and cannot understand things from the other show. Are these