What is a ventriloquist dummy called? – Is Ventriloquism Real

A ventriloquist dummy is actually a human puppet that is rigged to do a series of actions in order to simulate the voice of the person performing the action. For example, a person might sit down and read a book. The dummy would use his arms and legs in a “dummy run” movement, making the person think they are reading the books. If the dummy is told that he has just read an “important book”, he would hold a book as tight to his chest as he could for a minute or two, then begin to read again. If the voice is too hard to understand, the person might be allowed to make suggestions for improvement. Alternatively, the dummy could just “do” the action. Some ventriloquist dummies act or talk much like people: in a human voice you might not get an answer, and you may not get the voice’s entire meaning.

Are there any ventriloquist dummies I have to deal with?

There is no shortage. There are several common, hard-to-understand ventriloquism scams such as:

“Sylvia, tell me your secret!” (V. Geller)

“You’ll get your answer when you try again!” (B. Tatum)

“Don’t be so anxious to tell me your secret!” (P. S. Kuehnle)

“How did your secret escape me?” (M. Burt)

“I think I’ll leave it alone, but there might be trouble!” (C. Folland)

“Come here!” (S. Kuehnle)

“Do you have a secret to tell me?” (L. Kuehnle)

“What are your secrets?” (R. Burt)

“You need to tell me what you are hiding from me.” (V. Geller)

“How come I’m not looking for you?” (M. Dyer)

“I hope that you don’t tell me this. Please…” (C. R. McPherson)

“Is it true that I have some kind of secret to tell?” (B. Burt)

“Would you tell me all of your secrets?” (R. Burt)

“This is supposed to be for my enjoyment!” (P. S. Kuehnle)

“You’re not supposed to have secrets

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