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$2.5 million a year. It can be seen as a good deal, though I’d have more faith in the talent than the player.

What is Brandon Roy’s salary? $5.5 million, plus all the other money he’s making, which is $5 million more? What is Joe Thornton’s salary? $3.1 million a year.

Who will be the next captain of the Sharks? They say they will name that guy when it’s time. But this year, that’s not happening. There’s no one. They are using six players here, and they have another 15 who will be here in 2019.

How are Joe Thornton, Joe Pavelski, Logan Couture and Patrick Marleau playing now this season? They could be the best forwards in the league. They could be the players in the world. They could be as important to their teams as the greatest players.

How did the Sharks get their name? They had a name that sounded good until they used it in the name of a team they would win a Stanley Cup with. They had a good name. Now what? How do they get theirs?

Who owns the team? I don’t know who owns the team. They have an ownership group which consists of a few people from various different groups. If you asked them who owns the team now, my personal feeling is that they didn’t. So why should they now?

Which of these things is the best thing about Joe Thornton’s game right now? I think his footspeed is second to none and we’re talking about an old man going, “I think I’ll be dead and gone before I make it to my 70th birthday,” and then being on the ice for five minutes.

But then, he has the biggest glove shot in the game. But, he also has a great wrist shot, which makes him even more dangerous at even-strength, which is one of the things he loves to do.

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There is a reason why Thornton is the second best defensive player in the league. He has a huge impact on his team when he’s on the ice.

He has a wicked shot. There was an incredible article on Grantland where they called him the “Iceman of the Game.” That’s because he has the most devastating wrist shot in the league.

Who is Joe Thornton’s favorite player? The answer is, everyone. Everybody loves him.

Can you name the top two

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