What is the ventriloquist doll called in Toy Story 4? – How Ventriloquists Throw Their Voice

Where am I going to get a ventriloquist doll for my son when I have kids? I can’t find it anywhere!!!

– J.B.

Dear JB.: I’m so sorry! I went online and got a great number of suggestions for what the toy should be called, and all the suggestions mentioned were so vague, in retrospect, I’m not sure they were ever really good suggestions. And besides, it’s not even the first toy in the series to be called a ventriloquist doll. If it happens to be the last, I’d like to think we can work something out with the animators.
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It’s been awhile since a post like this, but since it’s Halloween, was the Disney Channel show, “Jungle Cruise” the perfect choice to end our post?

– K.W.

Dear K.W.: If you were to ask your children a question like this, most likely they wouldn’t be able to come up with a meaningful answer. So what happened in that series was almost certainly a conscious choice by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart to emphasize the fun, silly, goofy, and even scary parts of the show. And it paid off nicely as well. We’re getting quite an array of Halloween toys from my house over the next month, so for my husband and I to be forced to answer that question before I get home from all of the trick-or-treating in New York City is a bit of a travesty (though I’ll gladly answer on the condition that the answers all come from the voice of my favorite character, Scrooge!).

As for the Disney Channel show, you might have guessed that there’s a big emphasis on humor. So let me say, “If you haven’t gotten into it yet, do yourself a favor and watch.” I’ll guarantee that it will be a joyride through the wonderful world of Disney’s holiday classic. I’m a sucker for shows that let me try out a wide range of characters. And, of course, there are plenty of reasons to like this show. Its characters get to play off each other, and the show even got some of the Disney characters to guest star.

Of course, this is the kind of thing I say when I don’t have time to spend a day with my children.

But I think that’s the best you could say for the show, right?

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