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I guess that’s the point of the question. To put this together in English I’ve used the word “unfathomable”, which I think sums it up very well.

“There’s nothing else I can say; there’s nothing else I can tell you; but nothing else is possible in an environment of this magnitude. To say, ‘It’s beyond understanding what you just said, so I’m going to stop talking.’ That goes from utter ignorance to complete and utter stupidity.

“I mean, I think if the media had told me this, I wouldn’t feel too bad at first. Then you get the kind of treatment I get from the media, and, you know, I’m not sure what to do with it. I’m sure that if I would have known this was going to happen, I would have got up and walked away. But here is the thing; if somebody doesn’t know you are there, they might be inclined to try to help. Not that that’s a bad thing; everybody wants to help, but a lot of times they just start to be a bit rude; a bit nasty.”

On not getting the help he is supposed to from the media

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“I think you just have to be more careful about your surroundings and what you say to people. As the saying goes, ‘If you see trouble, just step in it’. Or say, ‘I don’t care what’s said to me, what I care about is getting out of this mess.’ Because when everything is going well, it’s usually not going to change very much at all.

“As an adult, you can be a bit more circumspect about what you say because you can’t do anything about it. For instance, if this has just happened to me, I wouldn’t feel quite right; I’d feel disappointed, a little bit angry, a bit sorry. But I suppose if there was a better person in my place, or a better group of people around me, to help me understand, to reassure me, to show me that it would have all been alright, I think that would help.

“You see, it’s a question of a person’s mind; I think there should be a little bit more discretion given to these things that go on in the news. The same with the sports people. They have no control over what happens. The TV people are in charge, and they’re on hand to help. The person who is there to help you should

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