When was ventriloquism invented?

[The word “ventriloquist” was proposed by John B. L. Schindel in 1884. The first ventriloquist’s dummy was created in 1839.]

How did it develop into an art form?

[Dummies are not made for performances and most people play with these types of products because of their simple appearance, affordability, and ease of use.]

Are the modern ventriloquists from Europe? Why is there a need for such an art form from America for the purpose of entertainment?

[Ventriloquists originate mostly from Europe, but the use of American dummy’s has developed from the French.]

What are the differences between European and American entertainment?

[This question was also addressed by John Schindel.]

What are some common characteristics of the typical American ventriloquist and what do you see when you take a trip to their home country to visit their family?

[This question was asked by the late Ed N. Schindel.]

Are there any advantages for ventriloquists and people of their own country to take the same dummy to see their family?

[Another question received on the same topic by Ed Schindel.]

Why do some people choose ventriloquism as their profession and how is it different in these States?

[Another question received on the same topic by Nellie Schindel.]

Do you need such an art form to entertain your family or have no use for them?

[This was addressed by the late John Schindel.]

Are ventriloquists in the USA considered celebrities?

[This was also answered by John Schindel.]

Do we have any “VENTRILOQUIST FANS” in the U S?

[This question was asked by Ed Schindel.]

Are there any “VENTRILOQUIST PEN PALS” who live there?

[As another question was asked by Ed Schindel.]

What is an average cost for a ventriloquist dummy and are they considered as a premium item?

[Another question was received by Ed Schindel.]

Can I take the ventriloquist dummy home?

[An important question addressed by Ed Schindel.]

Can you use a vacuum during a “Dummy Time”