Who is the female ventriloquist? – Learn Ventriloquism Tom Crowl

The man who plays the male ventriloquist.

And then the man plays the male nurse.

The man who plays the female nurse.

And the woman plays her mother with the child hanging from her finger.

And the man plays the female nurse.

The man plays the female nurse.

And the woman plays her mother with the child hanging from her finger.

I’d say if we had a girl playing woman and a man playing man, what would we be left with? Not “the nurse.” Not “mother.” I’d say he plays the female nurse. Or whatever.
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And in other stories I sometimes like to tell, the guy plays the male nurse or something close to it. It feels so much nicer to them. It makes you wonder if they’re being played by men as well, right? There’s a man playing with that young boy in the back, and I could use them as a male nurse or nurse or baby, right? What are they like? I’d make them some kind of nurse or baby or someone to hold them. Then I’d put them away and put my hand on the baby’s head, and just keep on going back and forth.

There are also stories I feel a little sentimental about, where the girl plays a mother, or the woman plays a woman. I think this happens often. It happens with the old woman in the forest or with the old man in the field; they’re both people I look up to for their strength, and their humanity, their warmth.

There are other aspects to these kinds of stories, and they’re often really uplifting experiences, to me.

I have one story where the boy’s family has to take him to the hospital because his brother has been hurt—there was quite a bit of violence between them in those days. And when the parents come to pick him up, there was a girl on the plane waiting to take him home, the girl he loved to watch play the game with him. And the family’s sitting around the kitchen table thinking that this little girl on the plane is a great mother and we’re just so grateful for her. All he knew about her was a small thing—like the fact that she liked the game of the mouse. Which is such a silly little minuscule thing, but she likes the game. And he wants to go see her. And the mom just laughs and says that little girl won’t get down

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