Who is the female ventriloquist?

A woman’s ventriloquist is usually an adult female. Female ventriloquists often are trained as parlor performers, theater dancers and other types of entertainers.

A male ventriloquist

A man’s ventriloquist is usually a young boy, usually of elementary or middle school age. He is usually assigned to perform many years ago, when he was often a child or young man. The boy may be able to read and write, and some children can be trained for their particular skills. The boy’s role is to “act out” the ventriloquist’s speech and then talk his way around it, or “act out”. He is told to act out by telling what he is thinking and doing at different times and in various scenarios.

The most common occupations for ventriloquists are:


actors. stage operators or musicians. (Many children entertain themselves with voice-playing, or by writing music or singing songs.)

The common names of male ventriloquists include:

Huck Dickey Jr.

Sandy Dickey

Cory Dickey

Cary Dickey (Catch Dickey, a character created by Jim Henson for the movie “Scooby Doo” . There is a movie version in development. More about Dickey in the “Trouble, Trouble, Trouble” series on “Catching the Dickey”.)

Lenny Bruce.

Lenny Bruce (sometimes called Lenny Hinn in some places)

Eddie Murphy (The Muppet Show.)

Pete Davidson (Wendy Jo)

Peter Falk (The Muppet Show)

Clyde (or Buddy) from “The Muppet Show”.

John Krasinski (King of the Hill)

James “Bo” Bartok (King of the Hill)

Jiminy Cricket (King of the Hill)

Johnny Ringo (The Muppet Show)

The name John Krasinski (or John Krasinsky) is usually not used in the name of a male ventriloquist.

The male ventriloquist usually sings his lines while playing an instrument. He is usually very expressive and often says something funny while he is playing. For example, a male ventriloquist may have a “gimme” while using “yee-haw