Are violins expensive? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 6 Problem-Solving

No. Violins cost less than you think. The same instrument might run as low as $350, but the true cost of a violin is often much lower. That’s because so few violins are bought and sold by well-known dealers as vintage instruments. Those who do often aren’t even interested in selling them. Instead, they look for new ones that are priced accordingly. In the end, violins aren’t usually more expensive than regular instruments, as you may have seen on Ebay or the Guitar Center website.

What exactly is a ‘high-end’ violin?

That’s a loaded term, but there are different levels of quality found on some of the best violins on the market today, including the Guadagnino, Alecto Basso, Baroque and the Vittoria Grande. In the best case scenario, these violin models are among the most beautiful and most expensive available. Most violins come in at least two models, depending on how much they weigh. This is just a general guide. What’s important is that the instrument meets your own specific requirements and how you want it to sound with the right materials in your choice of strings.

What size is a viola?

Like a guitar, a violin’s body is the part that you play the strings from, and the back of its neck is the part that rests between the strings when you play. A viola is always made with a body made of wood, and the back of the neck does not always fit perfectly. Because so many types of instruments are made with varying types of wood, size refers to the size of the wood. Generally, a 1/2 size is considered big in terms of the size of the violin, and a 13/32 is the smaller, smaller one.

What strings are used on a ‘standard’ viola?

This refers to the strings that are wound for a particular model. If you have a 1/2 sizes Viola and you need a higher string tension, you may need a 13/32 or 15/32 size viola. If, on the other hand, you have a larger size Viola and are looking for a violin that will be lighter and easier to bend with the right strings in your choice of a 14 or 16 strings, a 17 or 18 strings should be the first choice.

Do I need a repairman to repair my viola?
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