Can adults learn violin?

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“It’s not a question of if,” said David O’Brien, an expert in musical cognition who founded the American Music Center in Manhattan last year, where the program is taught. When faced with a problem, many adults would use a musical instrument. However, in music classes “you can’t always talk about it,” he said.

“The truth is that a person can’t really get away from anything they’ve learned,” he said. “That’s how music works, as in life. It’s not in a box.”

“It’s not a question of if.”

O’Brien is an avowed “musician first” and “musician only” who taught the program at the Center for Musical Education at the University of Delaware. In all, he taught a dozen violin classes last year.

Among those who take up and practice an instrument are some teachers, but there is a long way to go.

Some experts say there have not been enough research on how adults learn violin. There has been research on violin for only about 30 years. And it’s still a relatively young activity.

O’Brien sees the violin as an experiment.

“A lot of people are skeptical or worried there’s something wrong,” he said. “But I think that’s because we haven’t been around long enough to really analyze the situation.”

It takes four to five weeks of practice to be a professional violinist, so it takes time to build a career. Some performers have careers and have a lot of experience. Others are musicians trying to teach and make a living.

“There are probably a lot of violin players who are going to end up teaching,” O’Brien said. “Some of them are going to start teaching immediately. I don’t think you’re going to see an end to it.”

O’Brien said adults can become more professional with practice and practice. But he thinks people must have discipline and self-discipline.

“The violin is not going to cut it,” he said. “It can be a tool. I think it takes an awful lot of self-discipline and self-knowledge to be able to learn.”

Sitting around with a violin, “even if you’re in the midst of a musical thing,” should not feel like work, he said. “They’re just instruments,” he said. “People love to listen to them. ”

The violin seems too personal for the average