Can I learn violin at 40? – How To Learn Violin Quickly

Yes, anyone can learn violin at any age. The challenge would be to teach your students to be “strict learners”. They would have to go through a rigorous series of lessons and take them through advanced practice every day until they reached a point where they were able to play all your violas in the order you have taught them to play them.
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I will not be happy with the results! What should I do?

I can’t tell you what to do about your students, but you should be aware that if one of them is falling short because of lack of effort. There is nothing at all to do with a lack of effort. If the teacher has made an adequate effort in teaching him/her to play, there should be nothing to worry about.

My students don’t have interest in playing the viols properly!!! I recommend a complete change in technique on the violins – I know this sounds strange, but… I’ve had the students tell me how they can’t play certain passages, especially the first one, in which I recommend the use of a new technique called “Dewo”.

Can anyone tell me how to learn to play the violin?

I hope I can help you, even if I can’t tell you how. My recommendation is to make the first step to learning the violin and to try to teach yourself just one tune. Once that is done, if the teacher can’t guide you through that tune successfully, you should take the viola, find the good teacher, and listen to a few lessons – in other words, you should be making up lessons on the fly. I’ll try to be brief, because learning music in general and the violin in particular are very different, and the best way to learn is to begin as soon as you are able to play. You may not be able to play without first learning to play.

I need help in finding the right teacher! Is this something you can help me with? – can you help me with finding teachers who really get the teacher?

Yes, there is no “best” teacher, and we can’t make all of the “best” teachers. However you can be quite certain that you will find a teacher who can help you as you go. So if one person will be helpful and the other not, take what you will.

How much does a new teacher cost? – what is the best price?

First, don’t let anyone tell you that a new teacher

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