Can I learn violin at 40? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 5 Reteach Compute

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Yes. Learn the violin at 40, if you want, because it will only take you three or four years to figure it out. But if you’re interested in the violin at all, you’ll just have to pay for it. If you want to learn for fun and entertainment, you can always start with the free lessons I’ve put up on the web – they’re called “Learn The Strings” – but I also have a new website up and running. We’re a not-for-profit organization that wants to promote an educational hobby that many people don’t know about.

Can I learn to play the flute at 40?

The music of Bach is very complex. There’s so many different parts for it; it’ll take you at least eight years to really learn it. The flute comes out of the family, and it’s the same language that’s in all of Bach’s music. It’s a very specific instrument. It’s great for learning to play, because it doesn’t take so long.

Are there any lessons for kids?

I’m not an educator. I’d love to get into that but I’m not sure I’m the best person to be doing it. If you want to teach your kids – and, it’s very important, they shouldn’t ever have musical instruments in the first place – then go learn to play at 20 or 30. The first two years will give you a good grounding. You can teach them how to read and learn to play different instruments. I have a kids’ book out now, and I’ve found that there are a lot of people who want to hear how the flute works, but don’t know how to play it. You’ve got to understand Bach’s music and how it all works. You have to take them on a journey.

What is the difference in flute and piano?

It’s the same part of the brain. The different parts are called muscles, and the muscles use a little bit different language in that sense. The flute is the primary system in the brain and that’s why the flute is so much stronger. The piano, while it’s a bit quieter, has a very strong connection between the two. In all of them the parts use a different language. The flute is the primary system as well.

How do you learn to play?

The way to learn a flute is to first make an appointment with me. I’ve got some videos

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