Can I learn violin in 6 months? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 5 Reteach Area

You can learn violin in 6 months. The most important thing is to learn music. At first we will start with a short recital every Wednesday evening. You will have to do well in the first weeks, and then slowly we will gradually develop it into a concert. But if you have an interest in music like violinist’s, piano player’s, jazz player’s (if you’ve played it for more than 5 hours a day), you can be at a great level and continue for years! There are many different levels of playing. I think the beginner is a good starting point. You should learn some string instruments like violin, bassoon, woodwind, bassoon, flute, saxophone, to learn to play on the violin, then go on to more difficult instruments like guitar and to perform in concert. That is how you learn to play different instruments. If you are really interested in music, you could start with guitar too. As for the first 6 months, we will work with you on music that you already have mastered. After that you can decide what you want to do and then you will learn a level of music.

How do I learn something new on the violin?

You should try to play as many notes as possible. We will work very with you on your rhythm and the sounds you make by playing the violins, with the strings, and so on. It has been said that this way you will be able to play and analyze all those notes in a matter of moments. Your technique will improve. If you take a beginner who has never played a note, it is unlikely that he can play at all. But if you work and focus you should be able to play most of the notes, no problem. It’s a long process. And in 6 – 7 months, when you can make a lot of notes you have never listened to before, that is a great score.

What are the best instruments to learn violin on?

The best violin player is someone who can also play everything. For example you have to learn to play the oboe, but no one can help you with the guitar, no one can help with the violin. And if you try to learn how to play all of them quickly there is no guarantee that you will really be good for these instruments. If not, you should stop playing and give yourself another opportunity. In general it depends on how you feel. Some of my students who are good on classical instruments, but not good on improvisation

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