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I am very passionate about my studies and am going to do what it takes to become fluent.

I am looking for a job but am unsure if I need a full time job. My husband and children do not like me working from home, is there a special arrangement?

Can I play viola before I become fluent in violin?

I prefer to play other music, like guitar, mandolin or piano, is this true?

The number of students at a North Carolina middle school who are struggling to learn to read has become so high that the school system is asking parents to submit applications for its reading program to try and help them out.

North Carolina Central School officials released a statement on Thursday announcing that it is “in the process of re-evaluating [its] reading programs and will offer opportunities for participation through the ‘New Kids on Reading’ program.”

The letter is encouraging students without reading problems, but some are fearful what could happen if they choose to participate in the program — they would not only be asked to submit their test scores, but they also’d be assigned to a classroom with students who could not read.

“It’s a bad idea to put kids with no reading problems into an environment where they could potentially miss out on the opportunity to learn,” parent Laura Haughney, whose two children attend the school, told ABC News in a statement. “It’s heartbreaking to see these kids that we helped put through school struggle as they fight to learn.”

Haughney said that her first question to the school system was whether the program would force kids to participate in it, and when told by a spokesperson there was “no intention” to do so.

“It’s hard enough for students with no learning challenges — it’s not possible for them to learn on their own,” she said. “It’s ridiculous the school system is even asking the parents of their kids to submit that kind of application.”
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The “New Kids on Reading” program aims to give families the option of “helping their students learn to read,” according to a statement from New Kids on Reading’s executive director, Jennifer Jolliff.

“Our program will allow parents to meet with students in a small group environment for up to an hour, where parents will be able to have lunch and talk with their children and provide them with books to read,” she said.

The program was initially created in 2014 with the goal of boosting the literacy and math scores of middle school

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