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A: No, that’s not right. We are not a group that encourages or expects students to stop at 20 years old and just go work for an independent company where your job is actually to play the violin. People who start at 20 are still a young person at 21, 22 and 23; they’re not young at 20. So, yes, 20 is the age we’re talking about (though a lot of students get into it earlier). It’s important for us to say it is for young people and people of all ages, and then the rest can make that decision on their own.

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A number of top Republicans are calling for a new investigation into an Obama administration decision to approve an arms deal with Saudi Arabia that critics say could have enabled an airstrike on the U.S. Navy destroyer that killed 17 people in May 2016.

“The administration needs to get its act together,” said Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. “These arms transfers can’t happen under a new president or a new Congress.”

He also criticized the decision by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to approve the sale on May 11 of the Saudi-made F-15 fighter aircraft to Saudi Arabia, which he characterized as “significant but not unprecedented.”

“It’s disappointing, frankly, the current administration took advantage of a situation that could have been handled in a responsible way, and they ended it in a way that should never happen,” King said during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Wednesday.
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He said the Obama administration had to decide if it would use U.S. military weapons to “send a message” to the Saudis, and added the administration should “have to have some credibility given that they didn’t use these weapons in Yemen or in Syria. They’ve been doing it in Pakistan.”

Carter announced that weapons would be shipped to Riyadh in the coming days. “The fact remains that the current administration’s policies undermine the interests of the United States,” Carter said, after his announcement. He added the arms deal may help Saudi Arabia in terms of “providing greater precision targeting information.”

King said the sale could have given the U.S. “more certainty that we would have more accountability in these weapons transfers around the region.”

The defense secretary’s decision to approve the export also came amid concern over Yemen, as a growing Saudi coalition has been conducting airstrikes on rebel groups in that country. The Obama administration had opposed

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