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After graduating from university you must start taking the basic violin classes in your college, and you’ll be allowed to take courses at your own pace.

What is an auditions?

An audition is a public audition in which an independent reviewer from the University Grants Commission reviews your application and your performance in the performance. Your audition must meet criteria for a competitive audition. An auditions is performed with a full orchestra.

What is a scholarship?

All undergraduate students with financial need are awarded scholarships at our performance center. For more information regarding the scholarships you may be eligible for, contact the Auditions Office.

What is the audition process?

Once your application is received, it has to be registered in order to participate in auditions. You’ll go through the full audition process through a series of steps ranging from personal introduction and discussion of musical subject matter to a performance of concert music. Auditions have two types: open auditions for the most challenging music, and closed auditions for the less challenging music.

How much is an audition fee?

The audition fee is $55.

What is the cost of my entrance exam and music preparation?

The entrance exam fee is $165 and $25 for every 10 hours spent on the exam. As an undergraduate, you will also receive a letter of reference from a faculty member who has taken the entrance exam to review your performance and determine if you have the right personality for a study group. The examination fee also covers your tuition in the first 90 semesters at the University. This cost includes room and board.

What happens if my major is not offered in my sophomore year?

The audition deadline is February 1st and the date that is appropriate for you may vary depending on your major and the number of undergraduate majors (at least three of which may be a major in classical music) you have taken in your first two years.
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How many students are offered the opportunity to audition for each major?

The number of potential applicants who are offered a place is dependent on the number of undergraduate majors accepted for this year. At the request of the major, approximately five to twenty students per major will be asked to audition. This is your opportunity to play an instrument in a group setting and the best opportunity that there is. However, if you want to take this course but have not taken two undergraduate majors in the major, a letter of recommendation might be the most important contribution you make to the major. The

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