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Can I learn to play a mandolin at 20 by playing the wrong way?

If you’re going to choose a school system or start on the piano, chances are you’ll end up as a pianist. I believe that you can learn much more than what is taught in school.

A school system that teaches just a small number of subjects will never produce truly great musicians and the instruments that are most useful for learning will not be available in their chosen school.

In order for me to learn a new instrument, which I have been playing since I can see a viola or violin, I have to learn how to play them.

I do this by practising with the instrument as long as I can, and then I study all the lessons I can find in the books that are on my shelf. If an instrument has a notation in it, I copy it down. In order to make it easy to read, I copy “S1, C1, E1” onto a piece of paper. I try to play this notation, even though there aren’t a lot of notes to do this with. I get the feeling that my teacher has taken away my instruments as a present.

If I want to play a different instrument, I have to study what it is I want. I have the feeling that this is not in the teacher’s favour. My mother always used to say to me, “Son, listen to music with the same ears you heard it with, and this will teach you.” She meant to explain that if you didn’t pay attention to the teacher’s instructions, the musician you hear might be not your friend and the music might end up being too hard for you to learn.

The same applies if you want to learn a piano, but the lessons you receive are not as thorough as what you can get from CDs and DVDs.

If I can’t find an instrument that I like that works well, I choose one that is easy for me to learn.

The piano is the instrument I chose to play. I like it too much. The only reason I started on it was because my mother always had one of these in the nursery.

I would probably have the same choice if I wanted to learn how to play the instrument the same way I have learned to play the piano. I know that I can learn to play all things the piano. There will always be people in the world who can learn a new instrument that fits my personality better than me

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