Can I start learning violin at 20?


You get to 20 and you think, ‘Oh yeah! One day I want to be a professional musician.’ And you realize, ‘That just doesn’t exist for me – so I have to figure this out for myself.’

How much is the cost of a violin education?

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The tuition costs about $35,000 or around $65,000. You should get the whole tuition.

Why did you choose to pursue music training?

I did a lot of ballet for a little bit, and I thought, ‘I should just try this for awhile and see if it works.’ It has worked for me because I enjoy the music and am enjoying doing it. There’s nothing else like it.

What’s next on your agenda?

Just keep doing what my dad taught me – to enjoy every minute.

What are your musical priorities?

There’s a lot of pieces that I was passionate about growing up, and that’s all on my to-do list for the new year. I have a lot of things that I’ll be playing a lot this summer, and I’ll be touring with a lot of bands.

What kind of gigs do you plan on playing around the country?

I’d like to start touring in the Spring and see what happens. I also want to start working more as a live band. I’ll be playing with an ensemble for a year or two.

Is there anything specific you look for in musicians that you look for while you’re studying music?

When I do my homework and I ask a lot of the questions about violin, it becomes a lot easier. I’m very focused, and a lot of the answers are based on this one simple question. It’s “If something is going wrong and you have a feeling about some of the things going on with your instrument, just go right up to it, and ask some questions.”

What would you say to people considering studying with you?

The lesson is that music is very subjective. It’s not about how good you are; I just want to hear your performance. If you have something to say that is valid, and it resonates with me, let’s try to express it.

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