Can I start playing violin at 16? – Easy Violin Notes For Beginners

Yes, but as the violin doesn’t come with a beginner string instrument, many teachers will require you to practise with a string instrument – or just buy the beginner instrument at your local music store such as Musicworks. You can get a violin from a local violin club or online.

Can I get a copy of my transcript from the violinist?

Yes! Contact your violinist to request a copy of your transcript from the violist.

How do I get started teaching lessons?

There’s a wealth of resources at the Violinist website covering various areas of study: from the basics of teacher training with lesson plans to online courses such as my Violin School. All my lessons include a violin in my lessons to provide an immediate and useful link to the basics. Just check the “Instructions” tab below.

Can I teach in other countries?

Websites such as and provide information on international teaching, and the International Violin School teaches internationally, as well as in the UK and Ireland. If you are interested in travelling to other countries contact me.

Can I get involved with my school through the Violinist?

Yes! Join our community by following us on, or sign up to our email updates (via and we’ll email you the latest news from the Violinist.

Where can I learn all about teaching violin to young children?

At the Violinist website, you’ll find information on teaching violin at an age range of 6 months to five years old, and the basics of playing on a string instrument. Also available here are all the basic violin topics and the basics of lessons which includes lessons for children from 6 months on up.

I have a baby, what do I do?

There are many sources online. The most important are our parent/teacher forums, as well as the Violinist Education Forum in the Violinist Education Forum forum which has many discussion forums about teaching at different ages, both in terms of the subject and teacher qualifications. is a good forum for teachers of all ages to connect. They also have a “Ask an Expert” list for any queries.

I have a child aged 3-5 years old, can I teach them all violin?

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