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What are my options if I want to learn French?

French’s compulsory age of entry for music training is 17 years old. Even if the child is already attending a public school, the teacher will only let them start playing music then.

In recent years there have been many efforts of some countries to raise the compulsory age of school-leaving from 16 to 18 years old, but it still stands at 15.

If that’s not enough on its own, there are some other conditions one has to meet: either one has to have a good standard of English (no specialisation) or one has to be married.

Why does my child still need to get an English language test?

If your child needs to get an English language test, they have to pass at least two classes. Here, they will also have to pass five tests from a list of possible questions selected by a teacher.

After the first two classes, the student must complete a one-semester course on English language or culture, where they will take their final test.

As well as that, the school must give a certificate proving that the child passed their first-level and second-level exams, and that they obtained the ‘C’ grade from their primary school teacher.

What are the possible English language tests?

The list of possible English language test options is limited, especially for first-graders.

However, you might be able to find a few options that might help you. For instance, there are tests on how to spell, on grammar, and on the difference between vocabulary and grammar.

There are also tests that are geared to first-level exams, or for people who want to do a first language test.

How can I help my child with English when they start primary school?

It is advisable to keep the following facts in mind when it comes to starting your child with any language or literacy-related subject:

There will be no substitute for a clear and comprehensible language from the start.

Children need to work hard at language learning, and learn as many of the basics as possible.

One reason why schools are willing to give children English lessons is that they will know that they have been helping them learn their native language.

Most children also learn by watching videos, reading books, listening to CDs, and listening to podcasts.

What are the best learning plans for children from different ethnic groups?

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