Can you teach yourself violin? – Violin Basics Dana Freeman

Yes, I would like to. I’d like to become a professional. How hard is that? I’ve heard people say, “Well, it’s going to be so bad if you start, you’ll be in your bedroom by the time you’re twelve.” But I want to be able to play in the studio. You’d think that you’d get that kind of professional training in the same way that you get a good job.

So you don’t use any specific lessons?

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No. All of them are based on studying.

What kind of music do you listen to?

What are you gonna be able to hear me play? I want to hear the things that I can’t understand and do things that I just don’t understand. There’s a lot that I like doing, and sometimes there’s an element in there of doing things that the people at home don’t understand, or things that I don’t understand. But I want to be able to play something that the audience would understand, or maybe that I would make a fool of myself playing.

Did you grow up without family or guidance?

I didn’t go to school. I was just left to my own devices‚Ķ

The family? How?

They did everything: picking me up from school, washing my clothes, doing everything. I was the child of a single mother. It was a strange little world and a weird environment to begin with.

What kind of music does that foster? What makes it interesting to you?

There’s a lot of bands for which I’m listening now that are doing things that I want to learn from. I always had a fascination with bands like Genesis, or the Allman Brothers, or even old-style rock and roll and rhythm and blues. What I see is bands making music that people are able to understand. There’s a lot of bands that I feel like I’ll enjoy listening to, or just a way to learn about music, to explore it, and so on. I’ve started to look at a lot of metal, and I’m listening to bands like Black Sabbath, Metallica‚Ķ

Metal for the people in their seventies and above.

Yeah, yeah, they have a lot of different things going on musically, I’m not looking forward to listening to stuff that I’m really familiar with. I don’t want to do the same thing over and over and over again. I just don’t like it.

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