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Yes, these people are really good stringed musicians (although they don’t have a stringed instrument themselves). So, you have to be careful what you read on internet about different types of strings and how well each type of string is tuned.

Also, for those who play with strings on a regular basis, they have to play it in different ways (from a standard tuning key) to find the right tuning for their instrument.

You should try out the various strings and determine which one is a good fit for you. You can have great enjoyment playing with strings even if you are not a great player.

How do you determine the quality of a violin string?

The first part to consider is whether the string should be made from a synthetic or natural material. Synthetic strings are made from natural wood which is much harder than wood. If you have a piece of wood which is natural wood, and it gets dirty or cracked or pecked, then the string is not suitable. The softer nylon, which is the strongest material you can buy, will hold its shape much better than a natural wood one.

However, if a string is manufactured in a factory where natural wood is processed – by machines – then it is considered to be of higher quality and is considered to be an advantage.

The second thing to consider is whether the quality of the string should be compared to all the best string manufacturers out there (in the world) – or if you need your violin string to be made in a specific way.

For example, Strings By Me makes high-string instruments which will last for a lifetime, while others may last a couple of years or just a few months. But the quality of the Strings By Me strings is still lower than Strings By Me. But because Strings By Me has a lot of competition, the Strings By Me strings will be more expensive. On the other hand, Strings By Me strings are made in Spain which is closer to the quality of the best manufacturers.

Here are some resources and links to further readings about the qualities of a violin string:

Stems by Strings of the U.K.: The quality and properties of string by Strings of the U.K. website (Sticks: Stems in the Strings series) Strings by Strings of USA: The Strings by Strings of USA website

How to Choose a Proper String

As with all things, you have

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