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The answer is, in the sense of cultural value. The violin is always the object of attention and admiration. A violinist is often looked upon as a god or as a great musician by the public. People expect the violin to give them joy. People pay high prices for violins and even higher than for guitars. They expect violins to inspire a joy in them. The violin, being a musical instrument, has a musicality which is usually lost, which is what the violin makers are looking for. It may appear that a piano has a musicality in it. The same is true in the arts of music as well. The piano is an instrument which has a very high level of artistic sense. But it can be found to be too slow and lacks complexity. The violin is the same. A violinist is usually very attractive. He speaks his mind to the audience, is good in his own way and always makes the people feel good during the performance. A violinist has the ability to create music and makes very attractive violins and violas. He usually plays and plays so well that people pay high prices for violins. Even though he performs very well, he is considered to be a poor musician.
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There are, of course, exceptions. There are those musicians who never perform and whose skills are beyond question. Even in the world of the traditional music, it is rare for a musician to be a virtuoso. It often depends on how much he can master the instrument. But it is more or less likely that there are also very skilled artists. In fact, those who are not a virtuoso are very beautiful people. They have the talent, the beauty of a painter or an artist, the beauty of a composer.

If your child is playing the violin, he has the talent but does not have the ability. He must keep developing his talents by working at it. His talent is there while he is playing the violin and while he is learning the instrument. He can make great achievements with the violin. The difficulty of learning the instrument is different for boys and girls. There is no reason why a girl cannot play guitar, if she keeps practicing. I think it is much better to have them learn both instruments at the same time rather than to have them learn one only and not the other.

A child’s music is influenced by both his personal and community interests and experiences. He is encouraged to follow his interests and his own inclinations in that direction. In the same way he plays

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