Do violins hold their value? – Violin Notes Beginners Pdf

A: No. The violins are of the high value, and they cost an arm and a leg. You make your investments in violins a lot like you would in gold, by accumulating them for a long period of time. It’s not that one day you’re going to get rich. You’ll likely lose your money eventually but that’s not really what it’s about. You do have an appreciation opportunity if people get good deals on your violins. It’s just that not all violins can be bought at the right time and sometimes it’s better to put that investment into a good instrument.

JG: How does the market impact your investment decisions?

A: I’m not a good market saver. Because you pay for a good instrument when you have one — you’re not in competition with other people who are selling their own violins. You’re not going to be able to sell out and buy a lot. It’s going to be more like you’re putting a lot of money into a long leveraged investment and it’s not going to grow. You’d get really little out of it. So if you get good deals on your violins, then it makes a little more sense because you get to maintain the value of your investment. When one instrument is going to be a little bit down, it’s a little bit cheaper to throw a few dollars into another one than to keep the one that’s going down. It makes it way more palatable to invest in a good instrument.

JG: What do you think sets the best violins apart and are your favorite violins?

A: So that’s easy. I think their value comes from the performance and that they’re very playable. Also it’s the right color; not too bright, but not too dark. It’s pretty easy to find violins that are appropriate, and violins that are good value for money. I try not to look only at the price of the instrument but look at the performance and overall, just what it’s going to do for you.

JG: How does the market impact your musical taste?

A: The marketplace is changing every day. I think the market for violins, especially, is going to change again. As you see more and more violins becoming available in retail formats, there are going to be violins that will be better violins than others because they’re going to be easier to buy and they’re going to have better sound.

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