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If an artist wants to be an avant-garde composer as an age is not very important. We are still talking about the same sort of sound and same kind of sound quality. What’s the point?

If an artist wants to do the right thing and create music out of a musical idea, this isn’t a difficult problem.

This is not easy to understand, but what you are doing with what you’ve learned can not be described like this but only like what you should be doing. And if it is wrong, if the artist is not capable of doing it, why should he/she create a new kind of music (which does not deserve to be called a new kind of “musical idea” because there is nothing wrong with this)? This is an obvious philosophical problem of the music industry. They use the word “new” and when it means this and nothing else, they use it every day.

This means that it doesn’t matter how old your violin is when you play it. How old does the piano get? Only when it becomes the same piano. And you know this. But we cannot imagine this happening. We don’t do it in real life, but we do it in the fiction of the music industry. And in this way, this way, we can get to these positions and this is why these are not possible solutions. Instead, we find solutions in philosophy where everything has its own limits.

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How can we not make a new violin a better violin? Even the same violin should have a different sound. Because it is already a better one if you’ve used a different kind of sound. It can be a new violin. No, wait! You have to go even further. This is what is the main thing. You have to find a sound that you like the most, and that is what this is about. All the others will have to go along. But if you can understand the importance of this, then you will understand the importance of this.

You should not listen to the same music twice, you should not listen to the same sound twice. What difference there is between the second and the first violin? No, even if you’re very experienced, it will have different characteristics. So, it can not be compared without having to compare again. Then, it can not be compared without a third and a fourth one. And then you have to compare in order to understand. If what you like is not the same, then what’s the point of

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