How do I know if my violin is valuable? – How To Teach Violin Vibrato Technique

For a $10,000 note to become valuable, you must have earned it as the result of artistic merit, which requires something like a five-star rating on Amazon or the like. A $5000 note is worth almost as much, but it may be harder for a violin maker to get a five-star rating if they’ve never sold to anyone for less than $5,000. It may be difficult to get an Amazon rating in general, although it’s more common in classical music than in modern music, where they may rank the violin as the best of the year for more than a year and a half.

To get a five-star rating, you should have an item on Amazon with a star rating of at least five — if you own a million or more shares of stock in a company that’s a top seller of classical CDs and recordings, you’re probably not in as rough a monetary shape as violin makers who sell the $5,000 notes — and in good condition. But if you’re a relatively unknown producer or retailer and didn’t sell to anyone for less than $5,000, odds are you’re in better shape.
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I don’t see any mention of Amazon sales on the violin maker’s website or the description page of their web site. Does this tell me anything?

The violin maker doesn’t necessarily sell the instrument online; they typically sell it to dealers through their catalogs, in stores, on their web site, at retail stores located primarily in their home country, or through private sales. Their web site is the best online resource you can rely on to find out about the specific products they offer and to get the highest-quality instruments for the money. However, don’t assume all sales are conducted via their web site. You can also contact dealers in your area and ask about their online sales policies.

I bought my violin from a private seller a few years ago, a seller that uses the following format on their web site:

“If you are willing to pay what it is, you’ll have a beautiful instrument that you may want to play for the rest of your life. ”

Now I want to play it. Where can I find the vendor’s sales information?

It is possible to buy a used violin from a private seller or a dealer — check your local newspapers or talk to your local musician friends — but you may be surprised to learn that private sellers frequently have to get approval from their local dealers before they sell a violin,

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