How hard is a violin to learn? – Easy Classical Violin Solo Sheet Music

To learn to play an instrument:

The first thing to have in the beginning is an idea of what I want to learn. I try to listen to all the pieces I listen on in the library and find things that are really engaging. For me, it would be a string quartet, or maybe some of the pieces from the violin concertos. And then, it is just about, how can I learn it?

What are the keys to be able to play this kind of music?

The first key to learning is playing the piece. Playing all the keys would be really hard for me to do. After that, I would try to be aware of the part of it that doesn’t allow me to play the whole piece, which gives me a chance to move to the next piece.

How do you find your style?

I feel like I am developing into my own thing. For the first five or six months, I think I am just being myself and being comfortable with it. I try to find pieces that I want to read more of and take it to concerts or play at gigs. And then, the whole process of finding my own style, it takes some time to find how to find all the parts. And that takes some time.

What do you enjoy the most?

If I don’t have time to enjoy it, then I don’t do it.

What is your favorite instrument to play?

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It definitely has to be an instrument that is easy for me to play. I feel like the more challenging the instrument, the better I feel about it. The viola is just the easiest thing to play. But it also has to be my other favorite instrument, so I would say the viola and the cello, or at the very least the clarinet.

In the future; who should I listen to when I am studying for my violin?

Piano. Piano is the easy way for me to go and there is no other violin. I don’t look at the violin the way people look at piano. When I am studying for an instrument, I would say, a lot of the pieces I look at, are just piano pieces that I am already familiar with. It’s a way to help me make connections with what I am listening to in the library. Also, some of the songs that I like listening to, are piano music that I already know, either the music or the songs from a film.

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