How long should you practice violin? – Easy Violin Tutorial For Beginners

Practicing violin at regular intervals of 1/4 note (e.g. once a week) has been shown by many scientific journals to be the best for improving speed while at the same time improving accuracy.

One study of violinists found that the speed of playing an instrument (particularly a violin) could be boosted by practising 1/24th a note for up to 6 seconds each time compared to playing an instrument exactly as fast. This might sound counter intuitive, but the speed of the violin was the major factor in increasing the accuracy of players at the time.

Practicing for an hour or longer may give you the best chance of improving the speed of the violin.

What are the common areas that need improvement when performing?

Improving your sight is probably the biggest common area. As you get stronger, you should try and hold your sight longer than normal but keep it at least as stable.

Improve Your Speed

The key to your speed improvement is to practice more rapidly (e.g. every 1/4 note) and make sure you can keep your sight stable.

The most important thing is, as you play with more speed, you can get more confidence and increase your speed even further.

Practising slowly as a means to improve sight and play more quickly will usually lead to your improvements lasting longer.

Improving speed will also help you keep your body in front of the strings during playing.

Improving Your Accuracy

One important area to tackle is your accuracy. As you get older, you will get worse at your performance and your accuracy will get worse.

That is why I like to teach students to hold their sight longer than usual. It allows them to play the instrument with more accuracy.

One way to improve your accuracy is to read music. This will improve your rhythm whilst you read it. I usually like to read music in a rhythmical fashion but this is not a required part of the exercises and I would recommend you to read a regular musical magazine if you like as well.

Learning to play correctly means improving your timing. That is why I will recommend practising a fast rhythm on a metronome as well as performing fast patterns. If you do get too slow, you can use an interval scale to slow things down.

You can perform quick rhythms or patterns but it is not necessary if you are having difficulty with your accuracy.

Improving Your Memory and Concentration

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