How long should you practice violin? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Kids Drawing

Practice and practice some more and more. Don’t give up!

Do all your students need to know violin?

Absolutely! But in practice a little bit is enough.

Can I improve my musical abilities by doing this (I don’t know how long would this take)?

Yes, there is definitely a certain level of improvement. But that will come from your own personal work.

Should I have a teacher/coach with me?

No, don’t!

Will this affect my grade?

I’m not sure. You see, you’re changing your approach to learning the violin.

Why are you teaching? How much time is spent studying and practicing violin?

I wanted to be able to create something more effective. Plus, I needed more time for research, writing, and writing new lessons.

Is it harder to learn to play a new piece, or to learn to do research?

The difference isn’t so big. You could learn new pieces even if you spent all of your time studying. The real differences is you are being told new things you haven’t considered and you’re having a very structured time of study. The actual study time takes up about 60% of the time.

What are your personal goals?

My personal goals are to write a few more lessons and eventually start my own teaching business (a web site and a YouTube channel). I also want to teach at a high level (but it will only work for the next few years).

Do you have experience studying violin with no instructor?

No. I studied with a professional violin instructor for about two years. It was great, but it still didn’t prepare me for the lessons I would get at the beginning of my music career. I needed time to work hard and improve. In the end, no amount of study with a teacher will prepare you for real musical practice.

Do you go to any gigs? What kind of gigs are you going to play?

None yet. I’ve always loved being able to play with some really cool musicians, but I just didn’t think I was able to do this full-time.

How often do you go to concerts, and where can we see you when you are in the area?

I go to all kinds of concerts – all over the world and all kinds of venues. I love doing this work, but I don’t want to get overwhelmed and think

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