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The price for a Violin and viola, as well as a Viola or Viola Solo is shown below. Prices are subject to any applicable VAT (Value Added Tax).

If you are unsure of any of the information displayed on the site, or require the assistance of a professional violin shop, please contact us at:

For more detailed pricing, please use the ‘Buy Violins Online’ online enquiry. Please note that you must make your purchase within 3 working days of when you submit your enquiry, as it takes us up to 7 working days to confirm the quantity you have purchased.

Viola prices will fluctuate with the current market value of the instrument, but we aim to list the lowest advertised priced violas as quickly as possible.

Buy Violins Online Price Range Price From: £200.00-£300.00

+ VAT 0-£350.00

+ VAT 0-£650.00

+ VAT 0-£1200.00

+ VAT 0-£1500.00

+ VAT 0-£1600.00

+ VAT 0-£1800.00

Violins Manufacturer and Price Manufacturer Vivo Violin Factory Ltd Hacetec Avant Garde Violin Workshop London London, United Kingdom L’art de la violin nouvelle fois Paris Paris, France L’art du violon de Bouchard Paris Paris, France Bouchard Violin Factory Ltd. L’art ruelle Géante de l’arte Florence Florence, Italy Bouchard Violin Factory Ltd. Bouchard Violins Avant Garde Violin Workshop Pontefract, United Kingdom

For further information, please fill in the following form:

Viola Buyer’s Info Form.

How do I register for my Vibes?

To register your Vibes, please contact Vibrato Vibes: 0844-966-9998 or visit our Vibrato Vibes Website

Can I get to the show?

The Ghent Grand Prix is a fantastic way to see the world’s very finest violins, and is ideal for family groups, private parties, groups of friends and colleagues or groups of friends, work colleagues, or groups of friends and colleagues. The Grand Prix also makes for a great event for all the family, especially those with youngsters.

Why doesn’t Korg have a Vib

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